Autumn Bonus Program 2016

We happy to inform you that,


Every person who would rent the studio for at least 2 hours between 09/01 - 11/30 would automatically participate in our Autumn 2016 Bonus Program.

It's easy as 1-2-3:
1. You rent the studio when you need it and for how long as you need.
2. After amount of rented hours reaching 5, you will start to receive 15% of bonus from every hour you rent studio. After total amount of rented hours would reach 15, you'll receive 20% bonus from the every hour you renting the studio.
3. Use the bonuses to cover up to 50% of expenses on bookings between 09/01 - 11/30/2016.

What should I do to apply?
Just the same thing as with usual booking: book the studio through our website for as much as you would need. You enjoy the great work and the time spent at the studio

How can I check amount of bonus collected?
Just send us email with request at

How can I spend bonus collected?
When you making a booking, you could always ask our managers to add on top of your booked time certaign amount of bonus time, but not more than 50% of total time.
For example:
You collected the 4H in bonuses and booking the studio for 3 hours. You could use up to 3H from collected amount to increace that time.

Great news for all our existing clients: everyone who rented the studio for more than two hours since the 01/01/2016 are already applied to Autumn 2016 Bonus Program!

Any questions left?
Ask Roman Evans at